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New plugin - Downloaded CSV Importer

Milutin Jovanović
Hi all,

I would like to announce a new plug-in for importing CSV files.

It differs from the standard "Text File Importer" plug-in, in that my
plug-in is meant to be used for transactions downloaded from financial
institutions, so they are registered as downloaded transactions that you can
match or access individually while adjusting any relevant
category/description/payee fields. For example, in Canada, Citibank credit
card statements can be downloaded only in CSV format. The plugin has been
optimised to be used in this scenario, of regularly downloading and adding
additional transactions.

In contrast existing "Text File Importer" is meant to import whole accounts,
registering each transaction automatically, and not attempting to assign
proper categories etc.

Please note that I have optimised the imported for the Citibank file format.
If you work with a different bank of CSV format, I am very eager to extend
the plugin to use different formats. I simply lack the test data to try for
varying formats.

The plugin is free. It is currently in beta. It can be obtained here:


Milutin Jovanovic
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